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Bruce House

Just a few weeks ago while on company business near the Bruce Nuclear plant (just north of Kincardine, Ontario), I had stumbled upon this very lovely abandonment and subsequently effected some impromptu Urban / Rural exploration. We will call it the 'Bruce House' for now.

At first, I had thought that perhaps the former denizens had left sometime in the late '80s, fearing the proximity to the nuclear power generating plant, but upon further inspection, I now believe that they may have fled the horridly abysmal interior decoration.

I for one never tire of the awkward and fumbling efforts by tag-monkeys who cause great atrocities to the Queen's English resulting in often humourous and / or confusing literal gaffes. This one by the stairs did not quite make the grade but I am certain that the miscreant is well on their way to fail.

You may well know from my previous posts, I like to shoot windows. These portals are akin to a looking glass peering into the soul of the abandonment. Here are just two images I thought appropriate to post.

Very nice structure but certainly in need of less natural ventilation. This issue is best summed by this image below.

Finally, while in the Area, I took some time to visit the nearby Inverhuron cemetery which is still in recent use. Most graves date from the late 1800's but some newer stones indicate newer internments as recent as within the 5 years or so.

Happy & Safe Exploring !