Sundial Reloaded 2

As promised in the previous post (here), this is part 2 of the recent Sundial Inn exploration.

As previously discussed, this exploration was somewhat close to magical given the very pristine shape of the abandonment, the massive volume of equipment / articles left behind, and the absence of any wanton destruction from local vandals (aka a$$-hats).

Here is the second video summarising our exploration . . . enjoy !

As I had wandered though the hotel (being very careful to leave everything the way I had found it), I did start to think of the number of staff who had toiled here for years on end to keep the place looking good and their guests happy. It was not too difficult to imagine this as a large number of rooms appeared already made with linen / bedding and ready to receive guests.

I wondered about the day this place did close . . . how did management inform their staff - was it emotional, did it come as a surprise? I should think that staff would have seen the writing on the wall for some time (and many knew that doors would be closing eventually) - the closing of the kitchens in 2005, no expenditures provided for upgrades or repairs, and finally the long parade of dismal reviews by guests - some of which may be found here.

It must have been as cheery as working at a funeral home or perhaps keeping bar on a sinking ship - taking unending complaints from guests and knowing that the owners in Calagary would do absolutely nothing about it.

From the reviews I had, . . erm . . reviewed, it appears that the pool had also been closed down in the last year or so of the Sundial's operation due to a broken heater, a broken pump, ad nauseum.

Many poor reviews from guests did arise from the issue around false advertisement - specifically images on the website showing guests enjoying facilities that had since been closed - such as this one to the right.

I rather enjoy empty indoor pools in abandonments - I not sure why. Perhaps it is because these facilities had been witness to so much life before their close . . kids splashing, families playing, etc. And now just a dead husk that presents something almost macabre in its nature.

When one explores a pool room in an abandonment, the first thing one may notice is the distressing lack of any water within the pool itself. While I was snapping a few images and taking a some video, I thought about how staff may have drained the pool and perhaps even pulled the pump for a replacement that would never come. To delve further into this, I noticed a narrow stairs which most likely lead to the mechanical room and perhaps the exercise rooms.

I took only one, perhaps two steps down the stairs when something felt odd - specifically it was the sound of my foot-falls on the stairs. I stopped and then saw that the entire basement was approximately waist deep in water . . . given the brightness of the pool area above, it was not immediately noticeable in the darkness below very still waters.

Just glad I did not get a soaker here.

Until next time, safe and happy exploring everyone !


Michelle (artscapes) said...

I am so amazed that everything seems like everyone just dropped and left a week ago...

There is so much stuff there that could go to good use. Those guys in Calgary have too much money... Such a waste...

jannx said...

awww, C-6 I missed this one. I would have loved to be there. Nothing like a 60's era motel for cool styles!

Next time?


Anonymous said...

I am a former employee in the heyday of the 80's, during the tower expansion (which was long before the casino).

I spent many hours in just about every inch of this property.

This is truly sad...

Anonymous said...

Found your comment card in there a few weeks ago XD funny