NYC Trip

My sincere apologies for not having posted anything for a while now. The snow is now gone so I fully expect to get back to bad-a$$ery shortly.

In the meantime, here are a few urban exploration-esque pics from my recent weekend trip to Manhattan, New York.

Domino Sugar (Brooklyn)

Domino Sugar had been in business for over 100 years. the Kent Avenue location in Brooklyn opened in 1859 (back then, the company was known as Havemeyers, Townsend & Co. Refinery. Closed January, 2004. The image on the bottom was taken in 2006.

Random Building Roof
Oh dear . . . someone left a window open - let's check it out.

I rather like the various elevator equipment one finds on the top of the building's mechanical room. Unfortunately, this building had very little of interest except for the exceptional roof-top views and this one steam-punked watchyamicallit in the corner.

I wish that I had room in my luggage to bring along my trusty tri-pod - I should think that one could obtain absolutely wonderful long exposure images of the traffic and semi-organised chaos unfolding in the streets below.


I did have a few minutes to explore the beautiful and regal library and did take quite a few images there as well. For the purposes of this blog however, I simply present just one - a vacuum tube device in the staff area.