UrbEx Documentary

You may recall the 'All Your Base' post from August, 2006. Participants to this Urbex meet Simmorill, JourneyLady, Axle, Boffo, Jupiter, Skold, myself and those two documentary folks from Ottawa (Group 1). With Shatter, Frost, BigInJapan, and Taz (Group 2) working a tandem exploration and following this rabble was Air33 and Jannx (Group 3).

Looks like our intrepid documentary film-maker Miles Finlayson has finally updated the website: www.withoutapostcard.com

A trailer for this very cool film features, among many other locations and explorers, our August, 2006 get-together up at Base Edgar.

Here for your enjoyment is the 'Without A Postcard' trailer. Please visit the
site and pump this much anticipated flick to your friends.

I have realised two things as I'm posting;

1. I did not bother to include the 'All Your Base' exploration post within the post archive . . . my apologies.
2. I have not been out for and exploration for a few weeks now and really do not have anything of interest to share with you.

I do have some ongoing projects and lots of scouting pics which I will not share as they are not noteworthy, nor artistic, and may lead to unwanted attention.

Due to this, I would like to share some the the 2006 images from the Edgar Exploration . . . enjoy !

Happy & Safe Exploring everyone !

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