Innisfil Observatory

Hello again UrbEx fans,

Here's a little gem of an abandonment which had been slowly decaying almost right in our backyard. We've heard of it a few short years (actually 2008) back but due to whatever, just got put on the back burner and unfortunately not picked up again until just recently.

The location of UrbEx interest is the abandoned Innisfil Observatory, constructed in late 1976 by Heinz Lorenz as home to the Canadian Astronomical Research Group’s (CARG).

We'll shaddup for a moment so you can watch the vid we made . . .


As a result of various issues, including encroaching light pollution (making celestial observation and research difficult), the telescopic equipment was removed in the summer of 1997 and shortly after converted to a house.

Through evidence of personal effects still within the former house, it appears that a Vietnamese civil engineer and his / her family may have lived there.

Nature, with the help of a$$-clown vandals are making short work of the structure. We suspect that there may be only a few short years before nothing but a shell is left.

Until next time, Happy & Safe Exploring.



Frozen Innisfil

Hello again explorers,

With the recent warm weather just ahead of the official start of spring, we headed out to revisit a nearby favourite abandonment of ours around the corner. This old farmhouse has not been occupied for some time but the property is still productive, being used by one or more adjacent farm owners.

Not much had changed. Nature is still working on reducing the structure to rubble and leveling it to grade.

During the summer time, the flooded basement is a favourite haunt of every disease-carrying mosquito, but as the temperature still dips below zero at night and does not really thaw out the frozen block of water in the basement, it is a wondrous suspended animation that we had not really been able to capture appropriately with our cameras.

Personally, I am always amazed when I find muted colours on kitchen cabinetry, wallpaper, and furniture.

I guess I assume that after so much time untouched by human maintenance, all the colours would simply bleed out leaving what I imagine would be a dog's eye interpretation of the colour spectrum.

Anywhoos - we're looking forward to the warmer season to get in a decent amount of time of urban exploration. Look to several more posts over the course of this summer - until next time, Happy & Safe Exploring.