National Rubber

National Rubber owned and operated two rubber manufacturing facilities and employed approximately 750 people at the end of 1991. Located in Toronto, the Symington and Cawthra plants together produced over 700 different rubber products.

The National Rubber Technologies corporation shut down and decommissioned the 200,000 square foot Symington Avenue facility in November 2007.

Apparently, back in the day, NRT was a pleasure to work for. A penalty assessment for approximately $500,000 by the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) was laid due to its abysmal safety record. This hefty increase in assessment was in response to National Rubber's extremely poor safety record of 35 lost time injuries in 1991.

Currently, the empty facility attracts Urban Explorers from around the Greater Toronto Area who photographically document this location's decay. As well, several vagrants have been using the former office spaces as temporary overnight accomodations. Just a word of warning - this location has asbestos hazards.

When fellow explorer neX and I dropped by, it appeared that some future demolition work may take place so I was glad to have a chance to explore before this place was razed.

The following is NOT for the 'feint of heart'. This documents the potential Hepatitis hazard you may encounter in a structure that is frequented by vagrants.

Yep - those are Hobo-Droppings and $hit-Tickets covering the floor.

Happy & Safe Exploring !