Edgar . . Again

This would be the fourth trip out to the former radar base. The target today was the old maintenance yard. Most of the buildings here were coverted to workshops when the Ministry of Health took over in order to instruct the mentally handicapped a trade.

I went solo this time which is rather pleasant once in a while. Although it is always prudent and safer to bring an UrbEx buddy, this area presented low risk and affords an opportunity for one to exercise the senses.

Freshly fallen snow presents a problem by leaving a trail which site security may more easily find you. I took great pains to use the tire tracks made by the security vehicle to leave as few footprints as possible.

As I was wrapping up the explore, I got sketched out with the sound of voices and what I thought was a radio. I begun preparations of being found out by security and immediately began to run through several reasonable lines of excuses as to why they would find me on site.

I exited the building I was in, moved to another building corner and saw three people across the maintenace yard from me. To my relief they were exploring as well. While I moved on, I inadvertedly scared them; one guy choked on a coffee he was sipping, the other guy disappeared as fast as snot on a glass eye and the girl looked like a giraffe on skates as she attempted to run on the icy tarmac.

The Garage and Greenhouse Buildings

This building is rather well ventilated with several missing overhead door panes and absent greenhouse roof.

If you are unable to gain a POE here, I would suggest you quit your UrbEx hobby.

The buildings in the maintenance yard also showed evidence of police SWAT training as well as the recent military exercise, "Exercise Cougar Spirit One". (great name by the way - who comes up with this $hit ?!)

Anyway, participating units included Barrie's own Green'n'Slimy), the GG's Horse Guards, 25 Med Company, the Lorne Scotts, and the Royal Dragoons. The purpose was to conduct (fighting in built-up Area) FIBA training exercise as well as leaving spent simunition casings everywhere.

Maintenance Trades Workshops

In this area, I found a good-sized tool crib. The staff that worked here with the patients were models of personal and professional organisation. A place for everything and everything in its place as witnessed by this most excellent set of drawers. I have a sudden urge to shop at IKEA.

This desk, also located in the tool crib is where the shop foreman conducted the work of the day.

Please note the distressing lack of any grommets to accomodate the use of a flat-screen monitor or a lap top.

Various occupational safey posters, and standing operations procedures were found everywhere within the trade buildings. This image shows me starting up an improperly grounded and guarded band-saw.

Lumber Storage Building
The product in here was racked, packed and stacked for use in the carpentry shop. After the Edgar Adult Occupational Centre closed, material in here most likely went into the manufacture of hoarding to prevent explorers from gaining entry into the buildings on site.

Fire Hall

Back in the day when the radar base had to be more-or-less self-sufficient,it was necessary to provide contingency against fire. Here is an image showing the fire hall and the maintenance and engineering compound as it was back in 1959.

The fire hall today shows signs of distress from SWAT and military training.

This interesting placement of a chair lodged in drywall allows a less cluttered floor space while showing off the beautiful asbestos linoleum.

In this image, taken in the Fire Hall's kitchen area, we observe an Old-Skool Magnasonic portable TV /radio / tape play / boat achor.
Please note that staff ensured that cupboard doors were painted the requisite fire-engine red . . . for ease of return to the proper building if they were ever lost.



Merry Christmas

Just a quick year in review before we get into the presents kids:
  • Urban Exploration Barrie has posted 25 times since we started to blog on May 30th, 2006, approximately a posting every two weeks (which is some good exploring).
  • Site stats indicate that there have been 6,477 page loads, 1,519 first time visitors and 423 returning visitors.
  • 55% of the visitors are Canadian, 37% are American. The remainder are from the Netherlands, Mexico and Finland.
I would like to thank my good friend Mr. Jack Moriningwood, who through his kindness has lent me his very excellent SLIK tripod (for the last 6 months) which, without, I would not be able to have captured half of the posted images.

I have also been using a very nice Fuji FinePix E500, borrowed from a great work colleague (for the same period of time), which I just recently returned, because . .

My brother (world's best by the way) had given me a great Christmas present - a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. I have name this great camera 'Bandit' and did sleep with it under my pillow the first night I received it.

Anywho, thanks to all the UrbEx people out there who made the many explorations memorable !

And now for the presents !
I recently received these from a friend and wanted to share this frivolity.
If you are easily offended, please get a life.