Not necessarily a post about 'Urban Exploration' per se, but certainly one close to the UrbEx spirit of going boldly forth and exploring your surroundings.

Recently, I had occasion to pick a parcel up at a business located in a nondescript building located within a warren of other nondescript buildings in a light industrial plaza in North York. Making a wrong turn into a lane way led me around to the back of a large warehouse where a loading door was open letting the warm sun in. Hoping to obtain directions, I walked in looking for a shipper or receiver. Unfortunately, they must have all been squirreled away in a hidden lunchroom providing me an opportunity to 'look' for someone in the racks and aisles.

One of the first things I noticed was wooden office furniture . . . a LOT of wooden office furniture - all in fairly decent condition. Perhaps I was in some surplus office equipment warehouse.

Confirming this suspicion, I happened upon several aisles of newer desk and boardroom chairs.

About here, things went a bit strange.
As I continued 'looking for someone' to provide me directions, I came across several models . . . (of the Alps / Rockies / ? )

Stranger still, an odd model showing underground utilities of an city block. One business identified in this model was 'People's Credit Jewelers', which I suspect has been out of business for some time.

On the way out, I also took note of some very retro-looking laboratory equipment whose function I can only guess. Close to this was something I did recognise - an old sign from the Toronto Science Centre. This sign provided directions to disorientated visitors on Level 'D' and since became out of date after the new additions.

I never did find anyone for directions but did certainly enjoy an impromptu tour of a strange warehouse. I guess that if there is a lesson here, always look lost and carry a camera.

~ Happy & Safe Exploring !

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