Project Turnaround

Hello again explorers,

It's been a while since the last post, but do not fret - I have not yet hung up our flashlight or have decided to take pictures of flowers instead of dead, abandoned buildings . . . I have just simply been busy with kids. As a result of our efforts, I have manufactured three young urban explorers, one of which is now a teenager and ready to partake in the art of exploring one's environment.

To this end, I took the young fella, provided with the temporary nick-name of 'Rat-Stomper' (as a result of his unfortunate step into the messy remains of a rat), and headed out to a location rather familiar with us near Hillsdale, Ontario.

I had first visited Project Turnaround boot-camp for young offenders in August, 2004, just a few months after this privately operated facility closed its doors after the Province of Ontario moth-balled the facility. This facility was closed as a result of several issues including an indoor-mold issue but really was axed as a result in a change of government and with it, a change of views as how society deals with the rehabilitation of high-risk young offenders (between the age of 16 to 18.

Anywhoos, one can see some images obtained during the first few explorations to this facility (link here) and then perhaps follow along with these most recent images to observe what nature does best - return everything to dust and a state of near-zero energy.

That said, Nature has had some assistance . . . ass-clown vandals have found their way into the facility and have certainly made a proper mess of things. I have instructed the newest member of UrbeX Barrie, young
'Rat-Stomper' that should he ever find a vandal or tag-monkey to drop them quicker than a bad habit.

Happy and Safe Exploring everyone,
Expect several more posts from this season's explorations.