Welcome to the 2007 Post Archive where all the old posts come to wither and electronically decay.

These are arranged from Oldest to Newest

Old Folks Home - An exploration of the recently abandoned Versa-Care nursing home near Delaware.

Woodholme Castle - A look at the beautiful abandoned mansion known as Woodholme in north London.

Merry Christmas ! - A Happy Christmas to all. Enjoy this festive and humourus look at some Santas.

Wellington Hotel Fire - A very sad loss of a historic landmark building at Five-Points, downtown Barrie.

Kennedy Detention Centre - CopySix and JFK explore the massive Youth Detention Centre in Uxbridge.

Innisfil Heights Marche
- Empty tables set for diners who will never come.

Crowded Base
- CopySix and Jack Morningwood find quite a lot of extra company at the abandoned base at Edgar.

The Coffee Conumdrum - Odd findings in our old haunt at the Barrie Molson Brewery.

NYC High Line - A photographic report from my brother of the recent OpenHouseNewYork tour of the abandoned commercial rail viaduct in Manhattan.

The Cottages of Boston Mills - The team explores an interesting series of abandoned cottages near Cheltenham, Ontario.

Uxbridge Train Station - An exploration of the beautifully restored train station in Uxbridge, Ontario.

Allandale Train Station
- A journey through time at the Allandale Train Station in Barrie.

VeriFine Foods Bradford - An exploration of the VeriFine Vegetable processing plant in Bradford.

Barber Paper Mill - Part of the Mill Madness Tour with neX & JFK. A highlight of the tour and certainly the summer. Please check out the very cool UrbEx Video.

Mill Madness - Part of the Mill Madness Tour with neX & JFK. A look at the Harris Woolen Mill and Everton Mills.

Cheltenham Brickworks - A group exploration with neX and JFK of the Cheltenham Brickworks and nearby Cheltenham Badlands.

Severn Bridge Kiosk - A pint-sized roadside abandonment along the gateway to the north.

Oro Rural-Ex - Another fine rural abandonment found this time in Oro-Medonte Township.

UrbEx Potpourri - Some location scouting in Orillia, as well as Innisfil and Oro-Medonte Townships.

Molson Brewery 3
- My third foray into the brewery, this time with our trusty side-kick JuicyFruitKisses and our good UrbEx Buddy from UEKW, Mr. CrossFire.

Don Valley Brickworks - Our exploration is cut short due to a model shoot on location. This place has gone mainstream !

Gasoline Alley Motel - A quick foray into one of the many abandoned and odd places found in Gasoline Alley just north of Barrie.

Base Edgar Rainy Day - Our fourth trip out to the old radar base, turned mental institution. The heavy downpour confined us to a limited number of buildings on the site.

Molson Brewery 2 - My second exploration of the brewery and another video installment. Jef (aka White Trash) keeping us company this exploration.

Molson Brewery 1 - My very first urban exploration video. Filmed at Barrie's massive former Molson Brewery.

Naples Pizza - The disapointment of waiting too long before exploring a location.

Hillsdale Gristmill - This historical gristmill is quickly falling apart.

UrbEx Short Story BUSTED ! - A short fictional story of getting busted at abandoned Base Edgar while urban exploring.

Washago Grain Tower - A unique and interesting abandoned grain tower on the CN Rail line in Washago.

Fork Lift Truck Graveyard - Where all the Fork Lift Trucks come to die.

Holland Marsh House - Abandoned house on the Holland Marsh near Bradford

Then & Now 3 - Post 3 of a vintage postcard / photograph re-creation of locations in Barrie.

Then & Now 2 - Post 2 of a vintage postcard / photograph re-creation of locations in Barrie.

Then & Now 1 - Post 1 of a vintage postcard / photograph re-creation of locations in Barrie.

Innisfil Agrarian - Yet another interesting abandoned farmhouse in Innisfil.

Phantom Hosiery - A large and empty industrial building in Hamilton.

Hamilton Lyric / Century Theatre My tour of the Hamilton Lyric Theatre.

Rick Mercer @ Muskoka Sanitarium Rick Mercer and David Suzuki having fun at the Muskoka Centre.

Allandale Rail YMCA / Crazy Fox An exploration of the historic building and former home of the Allandale rail road YMCA.

Barrie Jail A look at the historic former Barrie gaol.

Barrie Horse Race Track A quick tour of the Barrie Events Centre / race track in its last year of operation.

Innisfil Gothic Crazy Dave's Innisfil Farmhouse A long-abonded and beautiful farmhouse in Innisfil.

Port McNicoll Grain Silos A look at the massive silos at Port McNicoll.

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