Molson Brewery 2

Molson Brewery Exploration - Part 2 (Mol-Ex Deux)

The second trip to the brewery re-visited some areas of interest and covered a lot of new ground. Also, we have our second video posted to Google and YouTube which compresses a four hour exploration into approximately four and a half minutes.

If you have a slower connection, take a break and let it load up . . . it's worth it.

In this exploration, we are joined by Jef (aka T2WT) formerly of the Hammer, now re-located more locally to UrbEx Barrie's area of operation.

This is the first time we have explored with Jef.
As we discovered, he loves heights and roof-tops.

Speaking of roof-tops, I was mildly surprised to be able to see almost the entire length of Kempenfelt Bay out to Shanty Bay from this vantage point on top of the silos.

This is the covered walkway on top of the silos from where the previous image was taken. I was not surprised that birds have found their way into most of the areas but was taken aback to find raccoon cr@p up this high . . . I'm thinking either climbing gear or a new breed with opposable digits.

It would have been a lot easier to have taken the elevator but Rustblade's story (fire department rescue) stands as a warning beacon to other Urban Explorers hoping to take an easier way up.
Here, is the elevator motor looking in fairly good shape.

I toured Jef through the brew-house. It's unfortunate that we were not afforded the opportunity to see this space with the massive copper kettles still in place.

This is an image taken in the mechanical penthouse at the very top of the brew house.
Although the removal of the stairs here may provide a degree of distress to those suffering from vertigo, it does provide an unobstructed view 6 floors down.

A large number of explorers I know go ape-$hit over dials, gauges, buttons, control-boards and switches.
This location is chocked-full of money-$hots like this for those 'gauge-ophiles'.

The ground floor, presumably where the bottling line was once located, has been completely gutted by the contractors.
Here, Jef makes his way up the stairs for more interesting UrbEx fare.

In one of the mechanical rooms upstairs is this odd-looking piece of equipment, possibly used in the transfer of barley grain.
If you are a former Molson employee or perhaps someone with brewery knowledge, please leave a comment and let us know.

We now arrive to the infamous area of the facility. Here are some of the old beer vats which were converted into incubators for marijuana seedlings. These were highly efficient as both temperature and humidity could be precisely controlled.
Dirt and irrigation tubes were still on site. We also found a lot of stalks and pot-dust in the drying room.

This image will be filed in the WTF folder.
A mural on the back of this door shows a chilling creature from Dr. Seuss climbing through a window into your nightmare.

Remember kids, UrbEx Barrie is taking only photos and leaving only footprints even if there was more pot debris laying around.

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