Then & Now 1

THEN & NOW, part 1 of 3

In these next three posts, I am endeavouring to collect vintage photographs and postcards from Barrie / surrounding area and then bring them to life with comparative photography.

Allandale Train Station

A series of three buildings following the curve of the original Kempenfelt Bay shoreline, the Allandale train station was constructed circa 1905 by the Grand Trunk Railway. The tower has been removed as well as the beautiful clay tiles to be replaced with shingles. Currently abandoned, this site is awaiting redevelopment or possible renovation into a public-use building.
I intend to devote another post to this latter on this summer.

Grand Trunk Railway Allandale Master Mechanic Building
now Barrie's South Shore Community Centre

Built in 1903 by the Grand Trunk Railway, the Master Mechanic building, also known as the 'GTR Office and Stores Building' it housed the offices of clerical staff as well as the parts (stores) department serving the roundhouse next door. Evidence of the round-house is still visible today. The Rotary Club and Tourism Barrie Office moved to this location in 1995. The building, now much enlarged rents out its hall and is popular with wedding parties due to the lovely view of Kempenfelt Bay.

Allandale (Rail Road) Y.M.C.A.
Most recently, the Crazy Fox Restaurant

I have presented three slightly differing views here of the Allandale YMCA simply because I could not really decide a definitive image. The first original provides us with a happy view of some of the denizens sunning themselves while the following two shows the squat 50-foot high water tower long since removed. Note the eco-friendly 1-horsepower transport parked outside in the third original. The building is currently being renovated.
For more history and current information, see this POST.

Royal Victoria Hospital
Currently, Victoria Village

In the above vintage photograph, circa early 1960's, we can see the original Royal Victoria Hospital (another much earlier image shown to the left) built in 1902 in the foreground.

In 1997, the hospital moved to its present location on Georgian Drive. Massive re-construction took place and in 2003, Victoria Village retirement and long-term care facility opened.

Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a familiar contemporary for comparative due to the extensive renovations which involve the demolition of some of the building.

Dunlop Street looking east from High Street

Again, nothing concisely comparative. In the early 1960's photograph, on the north side of Dunlop Street, is Canadian Tire, and Adams Furniture. On the south side, a Shell station where the new MacDonald's restaurant currently resides.

I am unable to provide credit to whomever may have originally had taken the vintage photographs or produced the postcards, but most were discovered on the web.
If you have any old photographs of Barrie and area, please eMail them to CopySix@gmail.com !

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