Severn Bridge Kiosk

Last weekend, I was driving the family back from a day trip to Huntsville. I rather enjoy doing this as it affords me an opportunity to conduct some 'drive-by' scouting for potential exploration locations.

Here, a micro-sized food kiosk forgotten on the size of the south-bound lane of Highway 11 near Severn Bridge.

I would, of course, not even think to actually explore a road-side abandonment while my three small children pester their mother with such questions as 'why is Dad walking into that dangerous-looking building'.

There are, however, some abandonments which I know I will not bother to go out of my way to see due to its remote location or limited size so I do make the kids wait a few moments. This 'discovery' offered all this and a good chance to stretch my legs with my camera in hand.

This is certainly not your typical abandonment, measuring no more than 3 by 3 meters. This is, however, the type of location an avid explorer may drop by to see . . . an abandonment, in plain view yet almost invisible to thousands of vacation-goers per day just feet away on the busy highway.

Although the lack of security is rather apparent in this image, a cautious explorer will take no chances with these shoes and promptly put on a respirator.

Thousands of pucks and tube-steaks were cooked up with frightful efficiency on this grill.

As I poke around in this small kiosk, I wonder to myself if the former employees ate here as well and then thought where the staff went to 'post-produce' these greasy vittles as no washroom is present on site.

Speaking of greasy vittles, what fast food establishment is complete without a deep-fryer?
Further questions which crept into this inquisitive explorer's minds was
did they ever change out the oil,
did they ever deep fry anything else other than food, and did they have fun dropping ice cubes into it in this crowded work space?

Shown here is just another reason why the prudent urban explorer should never dismiss out-of-hand the merits of any abandonment based upon its size.

How very interesting it is to find a safe such as this. This sort of discovery often turns my thoughts to how well the business performed, what resulted in its demise and how many hours did bored staff try to fish out money from the deposit slot.

Happy & Safe Exploring folks -
watch out for rotten sneakers.

Addendum -

It has come to my attention through my network of exploration associates that there may be a security company (no names mentioned Securitas) which may have taken an interest in my blog featuring one of their 'protected' sites.

First of all - congratulations for discovering the world-wide inter-web.

Second point - I have no reservations about showing an image of my face on this blog as I feel confident you will not catch me trespassing on your site.

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Anonymous said...

Was your Addendum relevant to THIS location or more relevant to a popular former radar station? It seems crazy that anyone would have an interest in patrolling a 3m x 3m shack, haha.

Shadow 1 said...

More in likely Edgar, that was the security company at edgar. Total bunch of overweight jerks, spent most of the time sitting around watching pornos on their laptops, I know caught one at it.