Base Edgar Rainy Day

This is probably the fourth trip out to the old Base. We had not specific objective today other than to shoot a short 2.45 minute video (posted to Google and YouTube) . . . Unfortunately the heavens opened up and drenched us.

A brief note on the origin and history of the Base.
Built as a radar station for the Canadian military in 1952 as part of the 'Pine Tree Line', this base closed in 1964. Approximately 170 military personnel served here. With their families living in the Private Married Quarters (PMQ's) on site, the total population (at it's height) equaled approximately 350 people and had all the trappings of a small town such as recreation centre, firehall, store, school, and church.

It was sold to the Province of Ontario in 1964 and operated as the Edgar Regional Centre or Adult Occupational Centre under the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The Ministry maintained the site for the mentally hanicapped until it closed under the Mike Harris regime in 1996.

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Due to the heavy rain, we skulked predominantly inside the Oakwood residence and were rather hesitant about venturing further into the base's other abandoned structures . . . because we're made of sugar.

Here's what we looked at today.

Most likely the most 'un-abandoned-looking' room at the Oakwood Residence. This former laundry room looks just as good (and as clean) as some apartment laundry rooms I have used previously.
Except for the blown-apart door and blank round casings left by SWAT tactical training exercise, nothing out of the ordinary here.

I will guess that this room, and the one adjacent to it was mission control for the mentally-handicapped patients at the Oakwood. Since there is an isolation room (think rubber room) at the end of the hall, I will further guess that the CCTV played some crazy programs during prime time.

I for one never seem to tire of looking at peelers . . . not that kind of peeler you sicko - the peeling wall paint common to most abandonments. My favourite type of peeler would most certainly include those with several layers producing a chaotic cacophony of colours.

Speaking of peels, I rather liked this wall here. A lovely mocha colour on salmon puke. Some lighter elements of white, and baby-blue accentuate the plywood boarding.
What insanity drove them to paint the electric heaters with a standard latex is beyond me.

The rain did lighten up enough for us to tear off to the vocational trades building. During a previous urban exploration meet here, I did not get a chance to properly shoot this interesting metal catwalk which leads from the second floor of the building.

Perhaps my next trip will not be marred by an untimely downpour.
Remember kids wear your rubbers so yer socks don't get wet.


neX said...

nice job on the new vid, love the hallway shots! too bad about the rain.

jannx said...

been there a couple of times, between vandals and SWAT, it's not the fun it used to be.
Nice to see a visual record of it.

Anonymous said...

I realize I'm leaving this comment on a post that is nearly 3 years old, and that some would accuse me of arguing semantics, but I feel the need to point this out;

Base Edgar was not turned into a "mental institution". Mental institutions are hospitals for people who have mental illnesses, and need psychiatric care - hence why they are also called psychiatric hospitals. Edgar was a centre that acted as an institutionalized home for the mentally handicapped, not the mentally ill.