Gasoline Alley Motel

Gasoline Alley refers to a 2 kilometre stretch of Highway 11 just north of Barrie. This commercial area is so named because of the gasoline (duh). Businesses servicing tourists and travelers were attracted to this area just shortly after Highway 400 was paved in the 1950's increasing the traffic use significantly. A number of businesses located in Barrie and along the older Highway 11 most likely moved here after the Highway 400 conducted their customers past them on a newer faster highway.

A large number of interesting urban exploration 'nooks and crannies' exist within Gasoline Alley as a result of failed businesses. This motel, although somewhat decrepit looking now, most likely offered a clean and affordable overnight accommodations for travelers. It appears that a restaurant may have also been operating .back in the day'.

Another business (possibly a landscaper) now occupies the front restaurant portion of the building and it is obvious that the owner attempted to redevelop the motel portion evidenced by new doorways now joining most the rooms.

One method an explorer may use to attempt to put a date the building is by having a look at the bathroom fixtures. It is a fairly rare day to find intact fixtures at a location. Either through renovations or the thoughtless inconsiderations of vandals, most fixtures are removed or broken.

Speaking of removed fixtures . . . try to guess that common bathroom fixture is missing from this particular image.
If you guessed 'toilet', you are correct. If the toilet bowl float did not give you a hint, please do not continue reading this blog.

I could not adequately capture this image due to the cramped layout, wet slippery floor, and the occasional mad chipmunk who may have call this motel room home. I did however have to share because peelers float my boat - especially two or three contrasting layers.

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