Welcome to the post archive where all the old posts come to wither and electronically decay.

These are arranged from Oldest to Newest


My Urban Exploration Exploits - An introduction as to my evolution as an explorer.

Ontario Asylums - An article on Ontario institutions.

Josephine Ghost Town - A small community long since gone just outside of Barrie, Ontario.

Base Edgar - Our favourite former Pine Tree Line radar base just north of Barrie.

Abandoned Farmhouse - An article about abandoned rural farmhouses in Central Ontario / Simcoe County.

Going Postal - An article on Ontario institutions.

Oxford Regional Centre - One of the last explorations of the Oxford Regional Centre before the last few buildings were demolished.

Muskoka Regional Centre - Our favourite former mental health / psychiatric hospitals located an hour north of Barrie.

Base Edgar II - Another visit to the nearby abandoned radar base.

Rarities - Some very interesting and unique items may be found in abandoned farm houses.

All Your Base - Documentary film makers from Ottawa attend an UrbEx meet at our fav abandoned radar base.

Motels - A brief article of the evolution of motels in Central Ontario.

Depot Harbour - The ruins of the Deport Harbour rail round houses on Parry Island on Georgian Bay.

Motel Confidential - The interesting Port Severn Motel located at . . (duh) Port Severn.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses - A brief article about trespassing in Ontario.

Molson Park - An exploration of the now unused Molson Park, concert venue in Barrie.

Opera House Ghosts - An infiltration of the Barrie Opera House a few weeks before its demolition.

Schools Out! - An exploration of the abandoned school in Anten Mills, just north of Barrie.

Scout Camp - An exploration of the Scout camp, now meditation centre near Alliston.

Utopia Mill - An exploration of the historical Grist Mill in Utopia, located between Barrie and Angus.

Caribou Diner - An exploration of the abandoned diner which served vactioners traveling along Highway 11 from Ontario's 'Cottage Country'.

The 'San'3 - Another exploration of the Muskoka Centre.

Happy HO-HO - Happy Holidays.

Edgar - again
- Yet another visit to this massive radar base.

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