Motel Confidential

On the way up to Depot Harbour, JuicyFruitKisses and CopySix check into the Motel. The kitchen, restaurant and offices are fairly devoid of articles but most of the motel rooms still provided some curiosities.

The Portal

Outside light peaks through the hoarding into a rear chamber of the restaurant area attached to the motel.


The furniture styles clashed, the colour choice was abysmal, and the decor lacking any decent judgement. No small wonder why this business failed.


In an effort to conserve space for free-range dust bunnies, many of the restaurant's dining tables were turned up on end.

Safe Cubism

This small vault of simple geometric design frustrated all attempts to reveal its contents. The small chamber atop the safe is equipped with a lever to allow the one-way traffic of the day's industrious profits.

Sir John Crapper

This fine fixture for defecation and urination was installed within a closet simply signed "Gals". The dreadful colours were almost as worst as the olfactory sensations provided herein.

're In

I plan to submit this image to 'urinal.net' to collect a prize. It appears the urinal to the right may have left in digust at the improprieties of the can and its neighbour.

Holy Bible ! !

Up until now, very little has been known about these reclusive Gideon Bibles. Keeping much confined to the safe environment of their nightstand drawer, they rarely venture out except to feast upon the occassion unwary Christian. Our crew
captured this shy creature out in the open searching for a new nightstand. The unfortunate loss of nightstands due to clearcutting has upset the delicate ecosystem which this publication calls home.


CopySix and fellow Barrie UrbEx Member JuicyFruitKIsses were framed and summararily shot by digital camera.

Objet d'Art

Painted in the style of the great Dutch Masters, this e
xquisite 'still life' shows the Artist's aptitude in the difficult execution of textures and surfaces of this arrangement in great detail and with realistic light effects. I give it a round '10' (dollars of course).

Stuffed Article

Grossly maligned and misundersood, CopySix in a fit of defiance removes the 'law label' from the crusty-yellowed mattress. Athorities shortly after attended the site to take CopySix into custody but were thwarted by the sudden combustion of the 100% rayon mattress.


The pleasing pattern of this window treatment complimented the rich colour presented on the fake wood panelling.


The nightstand (short a Gideon), and the drawing table (short his drawers) were intently listening to sage fashion advice from the chair.


This room showed evidence of recent occupation of one of Port Severn's homeless. From the empty food containers present, I would suggest a person of discerning taste. JuicyFruitKisses refused to take me up on my dare of $10 to make 'dust angles' in the filthy bed.

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