All Your Base

'All Your Base Are Belong To Us'
A lesson in
the importance of clear communication.

The other day was certainly a good day
for in UrbEx Ontario. A good number of colleagues had decided on a trip to Edgar. Being very well travelled in this regard, I decided to volunteer as host / organiser for this event.

I had
sent event details regarding the time, place and other logistical necessities to the interested parties and thought I had covered my bases. In this enterprise, I had more real difficulties than would generally fall to that of an air-traffic co-ordinator.

An UrbEx meet of this calibre requires some orgainsation in terms of conducting an expected 20 or so explorers far-flung across southern Ontario to our Tim Hortons rendez vous point.

This effort in space and time was hindered by thronged highways due to Wakestock in Toronto and Warped Tour in Barrie.

Explorers were caught in traffic and lost on backroads only to arrive in Barrie but either late or not at all.

The 'not at all' folks did get to 'Tims' but the one just down the road - which will provide me ample material for perhaps a tirade at another.

Unfortunately, Air-33 and Jannx were mislaid at this unfortunate location where the coffee is still fresh but the company lacking - with regards to fellow explorers.

I will state this for the reader - 'You can't swing a cat and not hit a Tims' in Barrie. Before I start receiving hate eMail from PETA, understand that this is just an expression and I do not endorse the swinging of any feline.

But I digress - let us return to our embattled explorers. Our participants which made it onto the beachhead included Simmoril, JourneyLady, Axle, Boffo and yours truly, CopySix.

Also joining us was a film crew from Ottawa bent on filming a documentary of our strange sub-culture / odd hobby. This, I wish to address at length in a latter posting.

It became readily apparent to us that, our numbers being so thin, we were short a few explorers.

I was already somewhat distracted by regrets from 'UrbEx Barrie' affiliates JuicyFruitKisses, LostInTheWoods, SlipperyPete, MotorHead and Uncle Murray and felt a need to have at the very least a co-host in today's endeavour. I did have an inkling of those who expressed interest or promise of providing attendance but realised I had no way to contact these lost sheep.

Boffo did have a number for Jupiter and Skold and I being familiar with the Barrie terrain, shepherded these two en route to our desination as we simply ran the clock out waiting for further of our party to arrive. These nine audacious explorers constituted Group 1.

Given a Group 1, you will surely guess that there must therefore be futher groups. Unfortun
ately, unbeknownst to us, our colleagues Shatter, Frost, BigInJapan, and Taz, tacking their way through the congested roads, were enroute to the Base and thusly setting up a most unexpected (and momentarily unpleasant) collision of startled people in a darkened hallway on the Base.

Before acquiring our P.O.E. to the property, I, being the thoughful host, provided maps, site hazard analysis, points of interest and prophylactics to the participants. This, I am quite sure, instilled a sense of professionalism to our film crew.

In truth, I was not altogether cetain in allowing a
camera shed light on our questionable hobby, but within the hour, thankful for it in some of the darker basement passages. I did not feel completely happy that I would be conducting these good folk through many of the buildings already explored and picked over by me in previous visits but still did find opportunity in photographing perspectives not yet experienced.

I did however discover, that some building doors barring eariler entrance, allowed unihibited access on this tour thus favourably providing me new grounds to explore. These buildings, like the ones previously explored showed extensive damage by tactical SWAT police training or from Canadian military urban warfare exercises.

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