Base Edgar 2

Because the Edgar Adult Occupational Centre is too large for one visit

For more background information on this location, please see Base Edgar 1

This Urban Exploration Mission's objective was to explore the gargantuan recreation centre.

It is currently unknown how much of the recreation centre existed before the Province purchased the property from DND. It is assumed that the centre had been modified extensively to suit the requirements of the mentally-handicapped in the programme of learning life skills here.

JuicyFruitKisses, LostInTheWoods and I found ourselves at Base Edgar once again.

Being the first visit for LostInTheWoods, we take him on a tour of the massive Food Services Building. This building held a central industrial-sized kitchen and two cafeteria wings.

We moved quickly into new territory with a brief visit to the Infirmary and the Administration Building.

The Infirmary hosted personnel from the Air Service, and latter Mental Health patients who had non-life threatening illness. The more serious cases are thought to have been sent for treatment in Barrie or Orillia.

The Administration building was badly damaged by Police SWAT forced-entry training exercises with most door locks being blown off. There was also indications that A$$Hole vandals had spent some time in the building as well.

The highlight of the visit was of course the recreation

The pool, with a deep end of 12’, was approximately 50’ by 30’ and offered a viewing gallery accessible by stairs. The pool appeared to be in relatively good shape.

The centre contains a two-lane bowling alley with (I was informed by LostInTheWoods) a classic Brunswick five pin, strung, lever trip design. A meter located by LostInTheWoods indicated that several thousand games had been played in these lanes.

The once-beautiful wood floor of the full gymnasium was buckled and damaged by water and exposure to temperature as the heat had been off for some time. The Gym was approaching 100’ long by 50’ wide and was equipped with a partition.

The 80 seat theatre was approximately 25’ by 40’ with a raised stage. The design did not appear to offer the best view to those seated in the back rows as the floor was level.

The canteen offered patrons a large seating area around a counter (with fixed stools) and cafeteria-style benches. This area (approximately 20’ by 40’) was subdivided by
an enclosed smoking area.

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CopySix said...

UrbEx enthusiast Andrew asks . . .
How do-able is a bike ride from Barrie to Edgar? Including a bag of food, water, and a flashlight. I have figured out the location and want to scout around a bit.

(I got halfway there from Midhurst in about 2.5 hours and I was wondering if it's really worth the effort.)
Hey Andrew . .
Downtown Barrie to Midhurst is approximately 8 km. Same starting point to the Base is around 24 km.

I'm gonna guess that this will be a hellish 7 to 8 hour ride . . . Your call.

Anonymous said...

Well, I drove by earlier today, and there was a guard or two stationed outside the "adult occupational center" sign. Is this common? (I could just drive down the street a bit, and then hop through a few bushes; but the prospect of getting caught is still a bit unnerving.)

Anonymous said...

So... Bikes go at 1 km/h?

CopySix said...

That's a lot of hard pedaling up hill.

Shadow1 said...

Was at RCAF Station Edgar also the former Edgar Adult Occupational Centre at the beginning of the month. The buildings are being torn down now and they have new security company, and if caught will press charges.