Merry Christmas

Just a quick year in review before we get into the presents kids:
  • Urban Exploration Barrie has posted 25 times since we started to blog on May 30th, 2006, approximately a posting every two weeks (which is some good exploring).
  • Site stats indicate that there have been 6,477 page loads, 1,519 first time visitors and 423 returning visitors.
  • 55% of the visitors are Canadian, 37% are American. The remainder are from the Netherlands, Mexico and Finland.
I would like to thank my good friend Mr. Jack Moriningwood, who through his kindness has lent me his very excellent SLIK tripod (for the last 6 months) which, without, I would not be able to have captured half of the posted images.

I have also been using a very nice Fuji FinePix E500, borrowed from a great work colleague (for the same period of time), which I just recently returned, because . .

My brother (world's best by the way) had given me a great Christmas present - a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. I have name this great camera 'Bandit' and did sleep with it under my pillow the first night I received it.

Anywho, thanks to all the UrbEx people out there who made the many explorations memorable !

And now for the presents !
I recently received these from a friend and wanted to share this frivolity.
If you are easily offended, please get a life.

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Anonymous said...

happy ho ho! enjoy that new camera! ~neX