Sundial 3

This is the last trip to the Sundial as it has now been fully explored. For the previous posts, check out Trip 1, Trip 2a, and Trip 2b.

Explorers in attendance were JuicyFruitKisses, our buddy neX, the ubiquitous phrenzee and his exploring partner Ms DeKay. As the day in question was stinking hot, we headed to the pool first.

We were able to get a better idea as to the flooding in the basement but did not DARE venture down due to the one of the most nasty mould / fungual blooms I ever saw.

Speaking of HOT, the crew discovered the hottest place in the known universe - the former hot tub / sauna room. The unique glass dome here allowed the killer heat in and then magnified it. I was rather surprised that none of the team members spontaneously combusted during the brief foray into this space.

Seeking any relief from this heat, the team stumbled over to the empty restaurant, then to the 'Starlite Room'.

Finding no staff to revive us, we seated ourselves at the bar and then waited in beverage purgatory until phrenzee took it upon himself to serve us.
It did not take us very long at all to realise that there were no available staff to serve us . . . To this end, I took it upon myself to staff the facility after finding an appropriate name tag.

Phrenzee left a message for other future explorers in the front lobby shortly before we left this amazing abandonment.

Don't forget to visit the roof of this great hotel which overlooks beautiful lake Couchiching.
Until next time, Happy & Safe Exploring !

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Anonymous said...

Great writeup CopySix! I had a blast exploring the Sundial with you. Good times indeed.

~ phrenzee

Anonymous said...

Awesome. The letter board only had "I Love U" when I got there. Damn unappreciative hoodlums.


Anonymous said...

wow that pic of the name tags, i am actually a former employee of this place! how ironic and weird is that?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I remember eating there as I kid back in 2000 and drive by it a few times a year on the way to my cottage. Nice to see it's still intact.

Anonymous said...

That is my name on one of the name tags.....geez how your past comes back to haunt you!