Caribou Diner 2

We have for you a follow-up exploration of the Caribou Diner, originally explored back in November, 2006.

This time, an impromptu exploration team consisting of (yours truly) CopySix, JuicyFruitKisses, Jack Morningwood, and new UrbEx Barrie buddy BigLens was assembled and rapidly deployed to the location along Highway 11, just north of Barrie.

With the gas station now closed, there were no inhibitions among local vandals and graffiti 'artists', both these belonging to the human sub-type 'Rectal-Cranial Adornment'.

JuicyFruitKisses found a very kewl vinyl K-Tel track titled 'Heart Beat of the 80's, while BigLens and I yattered on about back-lighting techniques and the pros of having a tri-pod for dark interior shots.

What was left of the former restaurant was fairly pathetic . . . There was significant damage to the interior compared with the previous exploration made there.

It takes a fair deal of impact (I believe) to break glass block . . . from a visual assessment of the damage to these glass block windows in the washroom, it appears that the vandals may have used their heads.

Speaking of washrooms, I rather enjoyed exploring the Ladies washroom at this location as shown in this image from BigLens.

OK . . . this is when the exploration went a bit weird and somewhat disgusting. If you are easily offended, do not read on. I would suggest that the following is intended for a mature audience and that viewer discretion is advised.

The small bachelor apartments above the restaurant did indeed contain at one time bachelors . . . lecherous, chain-smoking, hard-drinking bachelors by the look of the debris of personal effects left behind.

JuicyFruitKisses scored BIG with this size 52 hole-y pair of gitches.

We had also found some p0rn and possibly the worst written piece of warped erotica I ever read . . . and believe me I have read a LOT. The story left Mr. Jack Morningwood in stitches.

As the ream began to heap ridicule on the former denizen of this rat-hole, another personal effect was found which changed everyone's opinion. The author of the above-mentioned literary garbage was in fact, a very accomplished artist as demonstrated by the sketch here.

Lastly, I wish to leave a warning to any explorers who may want to drop by this lovely gem of an abandonment . . . watch your step - there's goon juice everywhere.

Remember kids, practice safe exploring !

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