Molson Brewery 1

Molson Brewery Exploration - Part 1

My very first urban exploration video now posted to Google Video and YouTube. Your comments and constructive criticisms are most welcome.

This scout had turned into a brief sortie into the facility. Perhaps as a result of my previous experience at Naples Pizza location, I had decided to take immediate advantage of this newly discovered point-of-entry.

This wall mural is visible from Highway 400 from the second windowed floor.
Given some of the graffiti placed on walls and doors by the former employees during the plant's last days, I'm surprised no-one touched this.

The grain silos are full of . . . absolutely nothing!
Once properly retro-fitted, these silos may make a suitable location for ballistic missiles.

The retro-fit by the new Ethanol company seems to have slowed or even halted. This school bus seat had been set up just inside the rear roll-up doors offering the contractors a makeshift break area.

Several areas of the facility has had large sections of roofing and walls removed, presumably by the contractors for removing larger pieces of equipment no longer required. Squadrons of pigeons now roost within the facility . . . UrbEx tip - Explorers, wear appropriate head ware.

Most likely left by a former brewery employee in their locker, this foot-loose shoe had made it halfway up this flight of stairs.
It's 'sole-mate' was not located in the general vicinity.

Adjacent to these tanks and vats is a large pit, which once held one of several massive copper brewing vessels. Now for something completely different - the cost to manufacture a copper penny is 0.8 cents, but due to its valuable copper content, the penny actual is actually worth closer to 2 cents.

Due to this facility's massive size and kilometers of hallways, stairs, and catwalks, I suggest that Explorers take time to ensure they do not get lost or disorientated. It would be a poor idea to leave a trail of bread crumbs (see above pigeon reference).

That's the post for now. Be sure to check back soon to see more exciting material from my Molson Park explorations.


The Molson brewery in Barrie closed down in 2000, throwing more than 300 employess out of work. The facility sat idle and eventually leased out sections of the former brewery to several tennants, some who really wanted to 'grow' their business.

Acting on a tip and surveillance, more than 100 police officers raided the facility and found one of Canada's largest marijuana grow operations -- with kilometres of irrigation piping and 1,000 hydroponic lights covering an area the size of a football field. This facility, in plain view of the busy Highway 400, held tens of thousands of marijuana plants with a street value of tens of millions of dollars.

There were millions invested alone in just the equipment and is thought to have been the largest and most sophisticated marijuana factory in Canada.It took the Police two days to clear the building, and then sevearl weeks to conduct forensic work.

Northern Ethanol is planning a major retro-fit of the facility to meet the demand of regulated ethanol content in vehicle fuel in Ontario. The project is currently experiencing delays due to the several issues including cold feet by the new mayor and concerns from local residents. There may not be much longer to explore the facility before the new owner moves in.


jannx said...

Hey Copy 6, nice to see the video. Lots more work doing a video I think. Photographs are easier, but I know you like a challenge! PM me when you do Part Deux! :D

Anonymous said...

Looks great, does it look like it's going down hill fast in their, kind looks like it? Will the ethenol plant be in for a rough time revamping the area? Nice shot at the end!

CopySix said...

The deadline for public submissions to Ontario's Ministry of Environment (MOE) concerning Northern Ethanol's certificate of approval for emissions relating to a proposed Barrie facility has been extended to May 15. Comments can be made on the Ministry site (www.ebr.gov.on.ca).
Until the permit gets issued, Northern Ethanol is in a holding pattern - who wants to spend $$ on the retrofit and then get kiboshed - Until they get the permit, the physical facility is going to do a slow slide into decay.

Anonymous said...

My Father in law was the Head Engineer at Molsons- and actually moved to BArrie when Molsons opened its doors from Carling in Windsor in 1972. My husband was 9months old when his mom Moved up to Barrie. Any ways It was spooky and gave me goosebumps to watch your video. I will show my husband when he gets home - He used to clean those hallways and i'm sure he will get a kick out of it.
Also if you are digging around check out the house on Dunlop street a couple blocks east of Anne - it is an optomitrist office with the round tourit. My husband grew up in that house.