Vaughan Farmstead

I was finally able to grab my flashlight and camera and head out for an exploration after an unwelcome hiatus from UrbEx. I was joined by the familiar JuicyFruitKisses (aka JFK) as well as UrbEx n00b, Funky Punky who had proved herself rather adept during her premier exploration with UrbEx Barrie.

With several missions on the planning board, our first stop was at Funky Punky's old place of residence. The images her mother had provided clearly showed a property which was shown care in order to provide a home for the young family.

Our exploration however, showed a farmhouse in an advanced state of decomp and a property which had become a dumping ground for area a$$-hats wanting to get rid of old cars, tires, garbage, and construction waste. Both I and David Suzuki frown . . .

Our explorers today . . .

Funky Punky (left) and JFK (right)

And your's truly, CopySix, a man forever driven to photograph a sweet abandonment.

The interior had some 'spongy' floors in some spots and quite a few pieces of furniture which appeared to be ravaged by denizen critters.

This child's teddy-bear appears to be slowly incorporated into the surrounding debris and detritus on the floor here.

There was a very small kitchen located just off the living room. Personally, I've seen larger kitchens in RV's. In other news, I wish my g/f was as dirty as this sink. Some old styl'n curtains just outside the kitchen made my teeth hurt when I looked at it. I remember as a kid having nasty-a$$ curtains like this in the home I grew up in it was tacky as hell back then BUT, if one were to clean it up and match it with appropriate decor, you certainly would be kicking it retro-licous.

Anywhoos, as it is not everyday that one sees a suitcase in a fishtank I thought this may make an interesting shot. Loads of personal effects still in the house and it is all slowly being returned to a zero-energy natural state.

Although, most of you know my UrbEx kink is institutional, insdustrial and commercial (in that order), I do not mind at all exploring a residential or rural abandonment from time to time, especially when said location has a personal connection with a member in the exploration party.

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Look at those 2 smokin' hot redheads. You have cool UrbEx buddies.