Barrie Arena Demo

At 74 years old, it really did not come as much of a surprise that the Barrie Arena (aka Dunlop Arena) had its days numbered. Back in March when demolition plans were being discussed, I had provided a bit of history on this old building. Today, I took a look at the demolition site.

For a great article on this buildings history, check out the Thursday Sepember 4th Barrie Advance by local historian Andrew Hind. As Andrew did all the leg work here, I will just highlight a few of the interesting tid-bits.

In 1934, William Wright (founder of today's Globe & Mail) provided the lion's share of the money to fund the construction of the Dunlop Arena which was of course no small feat considering that the country was in the depths of a major recession.

The Barrie Arena, used natural ice for the first decade of operation when it was proposed that an artificial ice system be installed. As this was an expensive venture as well, City council placed the decision on the municipal ballot. By September 1945, municipal pride had won and the artificial ice system was installed.

The 3,000 seat facility served its community well over the years. It is not mortar between those bricks, its memories.

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