Seven Mile Island

Earlier this month, I headed over to the derelict Lake Scugog summer retreat with 'Simmorill' and 'SurMom'. At first, I was somewhat hesitant of a purely outdoors exploration but within moments of stepping onto the property, it was very well worth the drive.

Before I get into history and stills from the exploration, we have a very lovely video for you . . . Enjoy !

Seven Mile Island is a 26 acre estate property and is joined to the mainland (Scugog Island) via a 1,650 foot causeway. The island had witnessed a parade owners since the 1880's who had built hunting campsites, cottages and then houses on the property.

The property at Seven Mile came into its own when cigar baron Alex Wilson began developing a magnificent estate there in 1919. If you visit, you will note that the stone pillars along the property line at the front gate look like cigars. Several lovely cottages were added by the Wilsons as well but the gem of the island are the gardens.

Alex Wilson and his wife Mary constructing numerous floral gardens, a swimming pool, a stone tea house, reflecting pool and an elaborate boathouse with a dance hall on the upper level. The property boasted beautifully manicured lawns, rose gardens, bridges, ponds and an elaborate pergola leading to the magnificent 26 room mansion.

In my opinion, the best features of the property include the 62'x14' reflecting pool featuring the bronze statue of the Greek God Mercury, the stone tea house and the absolutely beautifully ornate pergola. If I had a ticket back to time, I may consider visiting the property in the 1920's during one of the many parties held in the dance hall above the boathouse where visitors and neighbours from around Lake Scugog.

According to the best information I have, the Artis Orbus group now own the property with a mind to restore it and provide a venue for an art school or retreat. The very best of luck to them.
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Scugog Heritage.
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BigLens said...

Very nice piece. I grew up in Oshawa and never heard of the place. I guess I should open up the peepers, slow down and look around more......


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Fantastic article and loved the video. The instrumental Metallica was perfect for the mood.

Carla C said...

Nice work. I think the property has reverted back to the Mississauga's of Scugogg. I was there last year once, then tried to go back this year and there were tons of 'no trespassing' signs right at the front 'gates'. What a beautiful place it was and still could be. I'm doubtful anything else is going to be done with it. If you look at the satellite image, you can see that there are a few things missing now, from a few years ago, including a swimming pool.
aka The.Navigator

Sara said...

When I went there, there was a sign saying "beware of dog" so I left. Like is anyone living there?? My friend went there and said it was abandoned. My boyfriend lives near there so Im up there often.

Aaron Bangay said...
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Anonymous said...

Someone does live there now. I met him a few weekends ago. It is now private property and they don't want any visitors.

Jarred Medeiros said...

went their earlier today and got charged for trespassing, police issue no warnings because of an agreement signed with the first nation, i would not advise anyone to go in , as they do have cameras and surveilance to get your details even if you do happen to get away, yes a great place gone to waste, but dont risk it! you do not wanna pay a fine, find somewhere else.