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I get around . . . One of the characteristics of a passionate urban explorer, is simply that he or she explores. This means that no matter how cold, or hot, how much precipitation in its many wondrous forms is draining from the skies down the back of your neck, there is a drive to constantly interact with one's environs.

Here's an aggregation of how I saw my world through my lens over the last 72-hours. My apologies in advance - not really 'UrbEx' per se, but still encompassing the essence and spirit of exploration.

Another Downtown Fire
Yet another tragedy downtown. Thank-fully nobody was hurt in this latest string of fires. The first incident I spoke about took place 7/08/2007 (Earth & Sky Connection) with the second one on 12/06/2007 (Five Points), both leaving many unfortunate tenants homeless.

The latest fire occured on Tuesday 20 May at 98-104 Dunlop Street East (Bedrock's Smoothie & Pita and Janet Kemp Ladies Fashion), but I only had an opportunity to poke around just now. The Office of the Fire Marshal has labeled the incident as suspicious - a mattress leaning against a gas meter at the back of the building caught fire and spread to the commercial spaces at street level and apartments above.

Although the building looks fairly intact from the street, there was heavy interior smoke and fire damage. The Owner has been ordered to engage a structural engineer to assess the damage and report on recommended remedial work necessary to make the building safe again.

Robert Simpson Brewery
Directly across the street from the fire-damaged Pita joint lies the wondrous Robert Simpson Brewery. This brewery is named after a master brewer who was also happened to Barrie’s first mayor. Mr. Simpson founded Simcoe Brewery in 1843. Back then, it was healthier to drink beer than water they may have been pulling out of the lake or shallow dug wells.

Brewmaster Gordon Slater, together with owner Peter Chiodo, have spent years developing and evolving their Confederation Ale. Gordon and Peter craft their batches 'o' brew according to the 'Reinheitsgebot' or Bavarian 'Beer Purity Law'.

Robert Simpson and his brewery was in great demand as every small hamlet in Simcoe County paraded economic inducements to have him locate his business in their community. A measure of success for these early settlements was to be able to demonstrate a list of industrial entrepreneurs working and living in their forward-looking municipality.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), Robert Simpson had one of the best-burning breweries in Ontario. Fire struck his brewery in the Village of Kempenfelt (1836), and Tollendal Village before he finally settled on the Marry Street location in Barrie in 1849. Each time incentives were offered to Mr. Simpson to relocate to their community.

Ardagh Accident
I was coming back home on Friday night (from an undisclosed location) when I rolled up to a police road block near to where I live. Inquisitive as I am, I popped out to talk with on-lookers and take pictures (as my camera always seems to be about my person).

Here is the Police blurb . . . Barrie Police are reporting that a serious motor vehicle collision occurred this evening just after 8:00pm. Police report a Buick Regal was driving westbound on Ardagh Road, east of Ferndale Road, at a high rate of speed. The vehicle lost control on the crest of a hill and veered across the east bound lanes of Ardagh Road, mounting the sidewalk and striking a female pedestrian walking eastbound. The 36 year old female pedestrian has serious injuries and was flown to Sunnybrook Hospital. The 21 year old male driver has been arrested for Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm. The Barrie Police Service Traffic Unit and Identification Unit have been called in to investigate. Police are asking citizens to avoid the area for now.

I am trying hard not to pre-judge here but from what I saw the accident reconstruction officers doing, it appears this idiot really laying it down hard and fast over the hill and lost it, skidding out at least 200 metres before finally coming to rest on the sidewalk.

Feel free to provide comments about what you think is wrong with this driver.

Until next time, Happy & Safe Exploring,
. . . and watch out for idiot drivers.


CopySix said...

Here's an update to the accident story . . .
Struck pedestrian likely paralyzed, police say
Nanny hit by car on her night off
A female pedestrian struck by an out-of-control vehicle last Friday will likely spend the rest of her life as a paraplegic after suffering spinal-cord injuries, police say.
The 36-year-old victim, a native of the Philippines, had only been in Canada for about three weeks after accepting a nanny job, Barrie police Const. Cosmo Manna said.
"She's in very serious condition," Manna said. "She will more than likely be a paraplegic."
The crash happened last Friday around 8 p. m. near the corner of Ferndale Drive and Ardagh Road in the city's south end. The woman was airlifted to Sunnybrook hospital for treatment, and remains in the Toronto hospital.
"She'll be in there for some time," said Manna, who has spoken to the woman, adding she's conscious and alert.
The woman, who arrived in Canada on May 19, had the night off and was out for a walk when the collision happened, Manna said.
A 21-year-old Barrie man has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm. He was also cited under the Highway Traffic Act for driving without a licence.
The suspect has been released from custody.
Booze may also have contributed to the crash, Manna said, although blood-alcohol levels weren't high enough to lay an impaired charge.
"Speed was a factor, and I'd assume inexperience because he was unlicensed," Manna said. "He was definitely doing over 80 (km/h), probably 80 or 90 if not more."
The road has a 50 km/h speed limit. Police say a Buick Regal was travelling westbound on Ardagh, east of Ferndale, when the driver lost control at the crest of the hill near Elizabeth Street, possibly going airborne for a short distance.
Investigators say the vehicle slid sideways for about 42 metres, veering across the eastbound lanes and mounting the sidewalk where the woman was struck. The vehicle came to rest on the grassy embankment.
"He didn't even know he'd struck a pedestrian until he got out of the car," Manna said. "She saw it coming but couldn't move in time. Can you imagine that coming at you? I can't."
Officers with the traffic unit reconstructed the scene, and the investigation continues. Anyone who witnessed the crash can call traffic services at 725-7025, ext. 2219.
What a tragedy . . . what a dick . . .

Corker2 said...

Yes. I agree that was a total tragedy. We have the same type of thing over here. There are idiots all over the place! You always have to drive with caution. Some people are just down-right "a--holes"!

Want some more "Urban Exploration"? See what I have, if Interested. Thanks.