Sundial Reloaded 1

After the bitter disappointment of being skunked at the two previous hotels (see prior POST), I was left with a deep set yearning to see any hotel - preferably closer to home so it would not hurt too much at the gas pumps.

To this end, I headed off to the retrolicous / googie-riffic seat of popluxe luxury, the Sundial Inn. This recently abandoned location was briefly scouted / probed back in February, but not explored . . . Here is PART ONE of this most recent exploration.

Here is a short video of the first leg of the exploration covering the kitchens, bars, restaurant and offices.

First off, I want to thank the gods of UrbEx that be that this location has not attracted the attention of local miscreants / vandals / a$$-hat tag-monkeys. I should think that the fencing erected around the property does provide a level of security to thwart some of these parasites of society.

The former hotel appears relatively intact and still fully equipped. With the exception of the collapsed entry canopy (picture below showing the inside view), one could imagine that the place simply closed down for the week and guests would be welcome back at any time.

I especially enjoyed the 'timeless-ness' of this headline from the National Post sport page, "Leafs Eaten Alive" - this could be a headline from any season within the last several decades.

The thing that I love most about this place is the funky decor last updated in the early 80's. There are other decorative elements which had survived since the construction intact . . . finding these, in my opinion are one of the reasons I have a passion for exploration.

When I carefully picked my way though this abandonment, it took very little imaginative effort to transport myself decades back into time to this hotel's golden age . . . a time when few cared little about about the negative effects of alcohol or deep-fried food.

With the exception of any food stocks within the freezer lockers downstairs, the kitchen also appeared ready to be put into action with no great effort.

Although the Sunshine cafe closed it's door to guests back in 2005 (a paper found here hints at the date), the hotel still offered conference / meeting rooms - this had left me wondering if the kitchens were still in operation or whether organisers had to cater in the food.

The headline from this April 2005 Orillia paper speaks onto the decision to close the Huronia Regional Centre (HRC), which should be discharging its last patient sometime this year. This is a MASSIVE facility and certainly an UrbEx gem in this region.

Stay tuned for PART 2 of the Sundial Inn exploration within a week or two.

Happy & Safe Exploring,
Remember - I and all who explore with me 'Take ONLY photos, and Leave only footprints' as we respect the properties we visit.


Joe Mama said...

Thank for the great work. Canada is such a civilized country. A building like this in amurka would have been stripped of everything, including the fixtures within a short period of time.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Excellent images and video!
It's great that you do this - a kind of preservation....

Love the blog...

Ntropy said...

Pretty darned retro! I was under the impression the whole hotel roof caved in!

Anonymous said...

I loved this vid...I worked there from 1994 - 2003 and felt weirdly sentimental watching this...I could tell you what was in every cupboard throughout the restaurant/banquet facilities (and room 25 and conf. room). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is gone now.