Camp 30

Camp 30, a collection of 18 buildings on 40 hectares of rural land about 45 minutes east of Toronto, was the only one used by the Allies to house captured high-ranking N@zi officers and accommodated approximately 500 prisoners. It is the only known intact camp for German prisoners of war still left in the world.

A large riot spanning a few short days by the prisoners in October 1942 left many German Prisoners and Canadian army guardsmen injured.

Here is a video - (not my best as I was in a rush) - basically a running inventory of UrbEx highlights for a latter trip.

Great Lakes college spent tens of thousands of dollars to renovate / repair and used this as a summer camp campus in the late 90's. The campus closed but was soon opened again as the Darul Uloom Islamic School.

Student tuition was approximately $400 per month but did not cover food and accommodations. Students who could not afford the tuition were often allowed to attend. The board relied upon donations of Islamic benefactors to maintain and operate the school.

The school closed down 3 years latter in November, 2008. I was unable to determine reason(s) for the closure. One rumour I heard was that the chair for the Darul Uloom Shura, Mufti Yusuf Panchbaya, met with accident in Pakistan while visiting a relative.

Arsehole arsonists set fires to the the school and gymnasium earlier this year on March 28th, 2009.


neX said...

this was a great explore! im actually considering going back again today, but with a tripod this time.


hey i live in the town. the gym or "the outskirts" has a full blown makeshift skatepark in it. it's cool, you should go check it out