Abandoned 3D

Abandoned virtual reality landscapes . . . The next best thing ?

As my calendar is now beginning to fill up with pre-Holiday get-tog ethers and my region is now blanketed in snow, I find myself now with limited time / opportunities to explore. As it is difficult enough with the accumulation of white cr@p just to get out of the lane-way, it is currently next to impossible to trip out to get to and access some abandonments in my area.

It is typically at this time of year, I begin reviewing the the UrbEx exploits of others. This, although not as satisfying compared to actually being the one with camera in hand and climbing a fence, still does satiate my urban exploration desires somewhat.

While raking 'teh internets' for UrbEx goodness, I did come across something of interest I wish to share with you . . . Virtual 3D abandonments ( ! ).

The site I stumbled across is '3DRT' which is an electronic store-front for all things electronically rendered. I should think that, in large portion, these pieces of work are intended for use in the electronic gaming industry but I still suggest burning some time there as the site does hold a few things of interest for explorers who, like me, may be temporarily denied an opportunity to get out there.

Check out this fly-through of a 3D model of an industrial construct showcasing their vast inventory of buildings, oil tanks, car carcasses, trains, tubes, cranes, concrete blocks, crates, and barrels.

In addition to this, I found several very beautiful images of abandoned urban scenes. The constructs here are reminiscent to the 'Life After People' television show from the History Channel.


inquisitive_1 said...

Your stuff is fantastic! Im really interested what you are doing, I have a particular interest in institutions. any advise on where I should start? Not sure if you know this but HRC is scheduled to close in march of 2009, it would be a great experience to check it out when things quiet down there.

the amazing jelly fish said...

Copy Six, you should head down my way. No more snow! and lots of abandoned houses along Hwy 3 Near lake Erie. between St Thomas and Windsor.