Base Edgar - Crowded

I was joined on this exploration of the abandoned radar station in Edgar by none other than Mr. Jack Morningwood, who had expressed an interest in this location for almost a year. This exploration focused on the combined mess hall, kitchens, workshops and garages.

Today's highlight was all the additional persons also visiting this
abandoned base. Approximately 15 to 20 Police SWAT team members were conducting exercises in the lower 'Town' subdivision within several of the houses there. Here for your enjoyment is a video entitled 'Cops, Kitchens, Guards & Garages' . . .

It had been threatening rain for the day but fortunately this meteorological menace did not materialise off for us. Although a little pinch of drizzle never does hurt a prepared explorer and works to one's advantage by keeping the guard in his/her shack.

While negotiating our way onto the property, Jack & I almost ran into a
contractor who was test running the emergency generators - the only equipment still serviceable on the base. Its always a bit of a shock to come across an unexpected vehicle idling on a street in this abandoned town.

We proceeded to the kitchen / mess hall in a disorderly manner and obtained a P.O.E. in very little time. With the exception of the recent excavation outside the building, all appeared as I had last left it.

Well, perhaps not all. I did not notice the absence of the funky-looking mixer attachments by the food mixer. This may mean the UrbEx community has kitchen appliance fetishist within its ranks.
The full exploration of the building was cut short by an audible alarm. Closer inspection revealed new wiring which was all the excuse I needed to get out.

Both Jack and I thoroughly enjoyed taking in the fall colours in the greenhouse today. Although the skies were gray and cold, this did not dampen our time in the garden. The riotous colour of sumac and other nondescript vegetation laid a stark contrast to the overcast 'blah-ness' above.

All of the bay doors were open in the garage complex during this visit. I suspect this was done a few months ago during the Discovery Channel's filming of 'Canada's Worst Driver' . . . just less things for these 'road threats' to bump into.

All the workshops also appeared intact but as with most of the other buildings, were sporting new plywood. The contract carpenter had been quite busy installing new boarding on just about every door and window on the base. Also new during this visit are some very cute 'Smile, You're On Camera' stickers. Add this to the one-hundred new 'No Trespassing' signs posted every 5 metres on the perimeter, I should think that only the blind and illiterate would not get the message.

My fellow UrbEx buddy 'Journey Lady' has this thing for fire extinguishers in abandoned buildings. This one is for her. I am altogether unsure if alarm pull stations hold any interest for her but here's one anyway.

When I mentioned earlier about what a wonderful display of colours there was in this neck of the woods, I did not expect myself to attempt to co-ordinate these rich variated colours into images of the school and the church as well. Heres an attempt.

I had rather enjoyed the fire hydrant and flow control valve stem in this shot. I imagine that someone had a difficult time determining whether they liked these appurtenances coloured yellow or red.

Readers may be wondering why I've not yet come to the nasty part about all the local constabulary playing SWAT in the houses - I'm addressing this now because I just wanted you to scroll to the bottom of the page. These training sessions are a real physical menace to the property and I see the damage everywhere - including their trash (typically Red Bull and power-bar wrappers).


MH Inc. said...

Great set and video! Thanks for sharing!

neX said...

nice vid! good show, as always!

jannx said...

I'm bummed out by two things at this site.. the crazy vandalism and fires set by people partying on this site and the damage from the " training for the SWAT teams" on this historic site. It's ironic that there's a plaque for Base Edgar but the whole complex is being trashed by the entertainment industry, the Provincial Police and party animals who become vandals..

There I said it.

Anonymous said...

well i guess this will be as close as i'll ever get to Chernobyl. i used to have camp 30 right behide my house and it was so cool to go in but now its just junk. to much vandalism, but i gotta head up to this place sometime

Anonymous said...

My father worked at the adult occupational center after radar site was closed. I remember a few tours there and it was truely and amazing "little city" in its self. As a kid I always wondered if there was a missle hidden in the hill somewhere.I guess not. Even a bowling ally there. As I got older, I played for the Edgar fire slopitch team which home diamond was there beside the fire hall. Hitting many homeruns onto and over the school in right field. Such good memories and a shame to see it in the shape it is. I guess its just another page to the Edgar Radar Sites history.