School's Out

St. Paul’s Evangelical Christian School built a school facility out in Anten Mills but perhaps it was a case of too big, too quick.

A sign on the school grounds.

Warning: 10 KM of slow-moving children.

Built sometime in the 1980's, it consisted of five buildings, sited on a large property. The site boasts tennis courts and a baseball diamond.

An empty bench sits adjacent to an empty field. They built it an no-one came.

It is thought that approximately 25 to 30 young Christians students from grades 7 & 8 to 12 attended the school until it closed sometime in the early 1990's.
The layout in the main building suggests that segregation occurred.

The school auctioned most of its assets, including a bus, and moved into a smaller facility (a house) just outside Barrie.

Empty coat hooks in the back hallway wait in vain.

The hand of God appears to be setting up for a bowled strike.
Another Explorer suggested God was using a 'magic 8-ball' to suggest decisions on your destiny.

What would an exploration be without the obligatory 'Money-$hot'. The Thomas-J-Crappers in this facility were absolutely pristine and actually stocked with 2-ply bog-roll (perhaps a first in my UrbEx experience).

After an inspection of the $hitters, my expectations were high. I was not disapointed. No sinking feelings in the wash-up area. These sinks were clean enough to eat out of . . . so I did.

My own sink at home looks like my cat died in it. I'm now thinking of moving in here.

This is the kitchen area located in Building 'B'.
It appears that several of the physical assets made their way here for the auction that took place.
Most distressing were the ubiquitous postings referencing pest control policies (? !)

There appeared to be little to no evidence of mis-use by local miscreants.
This class room, however, was tagged by an a$$-hat vandal who apparently had the munchies after smoking up.

The school grounds now sit unused, abandoned and overgrown. Given the highly secured fenced compound, this location would serve well as a bikers clubhouse.

One of the last images just before I noticed an OPP cruiser doing a slow drive by. I flipped a coin and egressed through the door here.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. However I have a few alterations to your post. The school that was here closed its doors in 2005 and the previous occupants were an RCMP training camp that closed down in the early 90's. The property sat unused for alomst 10 years before the school purchased the land. The school was a flop from the beginning. The ideals of a hard-nosed communist who felt that women should call their husband's "sir" and believed in pyshical punishment to deliquint students...I know, I used to be one

CopySix said...

Thank-you very much for that additional information Mr./Ms. Anonymous. We are always looking for readers to assist us in filling in the history. Although we must have spent several hours in research, we did not come up with much history on this location.

jannx said...

heh.. thats a first! A Christian Communist. Wonder how that works? Or are all Christians Communists? Or are all Communists Christians now?

Very weird school concept

Alicia said...

Anonymouse is very correct about this location or at lest the school. I was a student at this school when it moved from the basement of High Way Pentecostal church in Barrie to this location, lets just say it was a odd school with students from jk right up to grade 12.